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Етикети: Dydimos
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Материал: 100% органичен памук
Плътност: 250 g/m²
Цвят: Натурален пастелен,зелено лайм и тюркоаз
Различни ръбове: Не

Размер: 5 (4,2м)

Клас: А

Удоволствие за всички които обичат пастелните цветове. Три различни цвята, свеж тюркоаз и светло зелени влакна изтъкани в този прекрасен слинг създават този красив пастелно зелен и фино структуриран Lisca модел.

Средна плътност, материята е изтъкана от 100% органичен памук и изключително мек и в същото време предлага много стабилност както зза новородени бебета така и за по-големи тодлъри.

Материята e устойчива на късане и има оптимална диагонална разтегливост

Преди първа употреба препоръчваме да изперте слинга.

Поради естеството на продукта всички слингове в тази категория спадат към  продукти, които поради своето естество могат да влошат/променят качеството си или имат кратък срок на годност; В случай, че слингът е ползван той не може да бъде върнат. Дори след кратка употреба слинговият плат променя качествта си.

Инструкции за поддръжка на продуктите на ДИДИМОС:

Care instruction for DIDYMOS fabric,
DIDYMOS baby wraps, Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) and DidySling

DIDYMOS fabrics are manufactured without finishings or other chemical aids. We only use dyes that are ecologically sustainable, 100% heavy metal free and skin-friendly.
You do not need to wash your DIDYMOS wrap before you first use it, unless you want to soften it.
So that you get as much wear as possible from your wrap, you should wash it as often as you wash your outerwear. Saliva and sweat stains should be immediately rinsed with cold water to prevent the enzymes from damaging the fabric. This applies to mixed fabrics in particular.


Here we have compiled a few washing tips for you.



Untreated cotton will shrink slightly during the first wash. Your DIDYMOS wrap is therefore a few centimetres longer than advertised. This difference guarantees the right length after washing. Due to their high degree of elasticity, fabrics containing silk shrink more and are therefore also a little narrower. Hemp and linen have almost no degree of shrinkage.



Washing temperature

Waschmaschine Einstellung

Pure cotton DIDYMOS fabrics can be washed at temperatures up to 60°C on a low spin cycle if nothing to the contrary is stated. For fabrics made of mixed natural fibres, please refer to the notes further down this page.


Before washing the Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) and the DidySling

We recommend washing your Didy Meh-Dai (DidyTai) inside a pillowcase or a washing net. This helps prevent the shoulder and hip straps getting caught up with the rest of the washing.
You can prevent the rings of the DidySling clanking in the machine by covering them with socks before washing.



Laundry detergent

WaschmittelverwendungIf possible, use liquid detergent that is recommended by the manufacturer for the fabric properties and use it sparingly. Make sure the detergent contains no optical brighteners or bleaching agents. Detergent residue and deposits of lime soap can reduce the elasticity of the wrap in the long term. Therefore, we recommend using water softeners if your water is very hard.

Tip 1: A dash of vinegar added to the fabric softener compartment of the detergent drawer can remove these sorts of deposits and also helps to eliminate the typical smell of laundry detergent that babies are not fond of. The washing will simply not smell of anything, not even vinegar.
Tip 2: It goes without saying really, but we too recommend that you do not stuff the machine completely full; make sure you leave some space for the water. There is some truth in the old saying ‘Linen likes swimming’ and this applies to all textile fibres.



DIDYMOS wraps, Didy Meh-Dais (DidyTais) and DidySlings should only be spun at a low RPM. Wraps made from wool, alpaca, silk or cashmere should not be spun at all.
ATTENTION: Some washing machines, even the newer ones, suggest a fast spin cycle despite a ‘delicates’ or a ‘hand wash’ programme being selected.
If this is the case, you must manually select a lower spin cycle or turn it off completely.


Tumble drying

Do not tumble dry too hot; select a delicates programme where possible. Wraps made of wool, cashmere or silk may not be tumbled dried.




We recommend ironing DIDYMOS wraps made from linen, hemp or pure cotton immediately after washing.
This prevents creases from forming in the same places, which can shorten the life expectancy of the wrap.
The same applies to Didy Meh-Dais (DidyTais) and DidySlings.



Linen and hemp

Wraps or ringslings made from linen or hemp come off the loom slightly stiff, but they quickly soften up with everyday use. You can accelerate this process by dragging the wrap through warm water and leaving it to air dry before tying it for the first time.
Linen and hemp may only be washed with mild detergent that contains no optical brighteners or bleaching agents! Do not use fabric softener; instead use a dash of vinegar as described above.
The saying ‘Linen likes swimming’ also applies to hemp.
Never fill the machine more than half-full and do not use any water-saving programmes.
Fabrics containing linen and hemp should be ironed on the highest setting while still damp.



New wool

Wraps containing wool should be treated as delicates. That means do not wash at more than 30°C, do not spin and do not tumble dry. Squeeze water from the fabric after washing but do not wring. As you will know from your woollen jumpers, wool is very susceptible to pilling. Unfortunately, this is irreversible.
When it comes to wool, make sure that all detergents are rinsed out and no deposits remain.




Wraps that contain cashmere require very special care.
Please use a laundry detergent that is suitable for woollens that contains no optical brighteners or, alternatively, shampoo. Wash the item in hand-warm water and rinse out any residual detergent with lots of clean water.
Prima wraps containing cashmere are more sensitive to mechanical influences than pure cotton; hard or sharp objects as well as intermittent stress can damage the fabric.
If your wrap becomes damaged, you must not use it as a wrap anymore.




Silk wraps may only be washed at 30°C with liquid detergent that contains no optical brighteners or bleaching agents. A silk wrap should not be spun or dried in the tumble dryer.
Damp silk is slightly sensitive to light and should not be dried in bright sunshine. Only iron silk wraps on the silk setting and do not use steam. Perfumes and deodorants can stain silk.


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